5 Greatest gaming headsets under 100

For all you gaming freaks on the world market, there’s nothing extra necessary than an excellent gaming headset, am I proper?

But most people believe that the more expensive a gaming headset is, the better it is in terms of quality. For this reason, there are many who are hesitant about investing in a good set of gaming headphones, because they’re afraid that it will just end up costing them too much. That is actually completely a myth. You can get perfectly amazing gaming headsets well within $100, which provide great sound quality and comfort. So don’t think that spending more will also get you more. You can easily buy one from this list of the best gaming headset under 100 dollars.

1. HyperX Cloud 2

The Best Gaming Headset under 100 in 2018

Best Gaming Headset under 100 - HyperX Cloud II

Frequency Response: 15Hz – 25kHz | Impedance: 60 OHMS per system | Sensitivity:98dB(+/-3dB) | Drivers: Dynamic 53mm Neodynium Magnets | Connection: Mini 3.5mm jack plug (4 pole) | Power handling capacity: 150mW | Ambient noise attenuation: approximately 20 dBa | Noise Cancellation: Yes(via Inline Sound Card) | Detachable: Yes | Cable Length: 1m + 2m extension

Reasons to Purchase

  • USB Audio Sound Card with 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
  • Comes with a Digitally Enhanced Microphone with detachable mic and inline volume/mic controls
  • Superb comfort even after all day use

Reasons to Avoid

  • No audio customization software for PC
  • Volume dongle is plastic and can be damaged pretty easily
  • Cord can become annoying and coiled up

The Kingston HyperX Cloud II is pretty famous for its amazing and professional level sound quality. But what few people out there know is that this headset also has a great built-in mic as well.

You can easily toggle Surround Sound 7.1 on and off with a touch of a button. Includes independent audio and microphone volume controls, the Built-in sound card DSP amplifies audio and voice for optimal HiFi gaming experience.

As the No.1 pick of this best gaming headset under 100 list, this best gaming headset is pretty reserved and simple. The headphones aren’t that fashionable as any other wireless headphones, but they’re not that bad either. The logos on them are subtle, nothing flashy. Also, learning from past mistakes, the company has completely redesigned the USB sound card audio control box, so users don’t miss out on anything any longer.

Don’t let the outer design fool you because it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The HyperX Cloud II uses the latest memory foam technology in the ear cushions, which are covered in leatherette as a default material. All this adds to the luxurious quality and comfort of the headset. They also offer a set of velour ear cushions for those who prefer a different kind of finish.

Even though the HyperX Cloud II is only $99.99, still it packs a microphone even better than most expensive headsets out there. Not only is the headset perfect for video games, but the powerful stereo sound also makes it suitable for movies and music. The sad part is that this headset doesn’t have any noise canceling mechanism. Having said that, the close headphone design works to cancel a lot of external noise automatically.

Gaming Performance

Games for Testing: Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare

The HyperX Cloud II performed very well, especially with first person shooters games, and when i played Call of Duty, it allowed me to hear which direction my enemies were in, and the audio sent by the microphone was quite clear thanks to the Inline Sound Card Noise Cancellation Technologies used on the Cloud II.

Our Verdict

It will be impossible for you to find a gaming headset that offers such an amazing sound quality for such a reasonable price. This is definitely a headset in the list of the best gaming headset under 100 Bucks!

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